Loads Better XML/XSLT development

Loads Better provides XSLT development from a skilled freelance XML/XSLT developer.

Some of the projects where Loads Better has helped with XML/XSLT are

  • for one of the world's leading legal solutions providers
    • transforming XML content to valid HTML
  • for one of the UK's top comparison websites
    • transforming SOAP requests and responses for insurance providers
  • for a London Borough
    • transforming SOAP responses from a Housing Management System to show online
      • rents statements
      • repairs summaries
    • a time recording application for caretakers
    • an Asbestos survery application for contractors
  • for a central government department
    • a pilot cattle tracing system
  • Frimmo is a portal for an Anglo-French estate agency network, developed with XML/XSLT

This web site is developed with a simple Content Management System developed with XML/XSLT.

Maybe Loads Better could help you too.

  • Maybe you've got just an ad-hoc XSLT job where you've got XML data that needs to be transformed to validate with a different XML Schema Definition (XSD). Loads Better can develop the XSLT stylesheet you'll need for this.
  • Or you've got an XML data feed that you want to show in HTML on the web. Loads Better can develop the XSLT stylesheet for this.
  • Or you've got a bigger project where you need to contract an XML/XSLT specialist for a while. Loads Better can do this too.

Contact Loads Better if you want find out more.